Discovering the Magic of Pelješac: The Island of Wine, History, and Unexplored Beauties

Pelješac, a long and narrow peninsula located in southern Dalmatia, represents one of the most intriguing destinations on the Croatian coast. With its rich history, beautiful beaches, excellent wines, and unspoiled nature, Pelješac offers a unique experience for all visitors.

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History and myths

Often referred to as the "peninsula of history," it rightfully carries this epithet. From Illyrian hill forts, through Roman villa rustics to medieval fortresses, every stone on Pelješac tells a story of past times. In addition to the legend of the Argonauts who, in search of the Golden Fleece, supposedly sailed its coasts, there's also a tale about King Arthur, for whom some historians dare say his final resting place was right on this mysterious peninsula.

During the rule of the Dubrovnik Republic, Pelješac was crucial for the defense and trade of the Republic, as evidenced by the network of fortresses and towers that still dominate the landscape. The Gundulić family, one of the most prominent Dubrovnik noble families, had their estates on Pelješac, and legend has it that they hid their treasure from the Ottoman conquerors right there.

Interestingly, throughout history, Pelješac not only faced external enemies but also natural challenges. Stories of great droughts, which prompted the people of Pelješac to build a complex system of cisterns and wells, are another testament to their resourcefulness and connection to this land.

Pelješac is not just a geographical term; it is a living monument of culture, history, and nature, a place where myths and legends intertwine with reality, offering visitors a unique experience of immersing into the depths of time.

Natural Beauty and Activities

The natural beauty of Pelješac captivates at every turn. The peninsula is renowned for its beautiful beaches such as Divna and Trstenica, which offer crystal-clear sea and perfect conditions for relaxation. Lovers of active vacations can enjoy hiking on Mount St. Ilija, cycling, or diving in pristine underwater landscapes.

In addition to natural beauty, Pelješac is also rich in cultural landmarks. Ston, known for the longest stone wall in Europe and its salt pans, as well as numerous small churches and chapels scattered across the peninsula, testify to the rich history and culture of this area.

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Wine and Gastronomy

Pelješac is home to some of Croatia's finest wines, with a special focus on the Plavac Mali variety. Visiting the vineyards and wine cellars, such as those in Dingač and Postup, is an essential experience for every visitor. The gastronomic offerings encompass everything from fresh seafood to traditional Dalmatian dishes.

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Traffic Connection and Accommodation

Pelješac is connected to the mainland by the Pelješac Bridge, making it easier to access the peninsula, and a ferry line connects it with the island of Korčula. For those wanting to explore the neighboring island of Mljet, organized tours and ferry lines are available from Prapratno.

When it comes to accommodation, Euro Tours offers a wide selection of villas and apartments on Pelješac. Whether you're looking for a luxurious villa with a sea view or a cozy apartment near the beach, our offerings will meet all your needs. Each accommodation is carefully selected to provide you with comfort, privacy, and the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauties of Pelješac.

Pelješac is a destination that captivates with its diversity. From historical sites and untouched nature to excellent wines and gastronomic offerings, Pelješac has something for every visitor. With easy connectivity to the mainland and neighboring islands, and a rich selection of accommodations, Pelješac is the ideal place for a dream vacation. Visit and discover the perfect accommodation for your stay on Pelješac, and immerse yourself in discovering all the charms this peninsula has to offer.

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