Apartments in Pula

Book a holiday apartment in the historic center of Pula or in the surrounding area and spend some amazing time here, experience this historical city from the first row. Visit the Roman amphitheater, the old tower and walls, enjoy the city's beaches and have fun at numerous events in the city.

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What to expect from the city of Pula

Pula is a seaside town in southern Croatia. It has a famous Roman amphitheater and is the main city in Istria County and supports a population of 20,000. Pula has an old town with buildings dating back to the Italian Renaissance and Venetian period.

It is one of the oldest coastal towns in Croatia. It is situated on the Istrian peninsula and is surrounded by a natural bay. Pula was a trading port and also had an industrial center. Its architecture and cultural heritage are a result of its Roman, Byzantine, and Middle Eastern influences.

The main street, Via Sergia, has many cafés and restaurants that stay open all night. During the summer months, many people visit Pula to see its history and beautiful coastline. A very popular place nearby is the island Brijuni which was a historically important vacation spot for kings, noblemen and more recently - presidents. It also has an open type of zoo.

Because of the popularity of Pula and its surrounding areas, a lot of people lease their apartments for short term lodging. It is a booming industry and helps the local economy a lot, especially those who don’t own huge villas on the seaside.

What you can expect from the apartments in Pula

The apartments in Pula are usually found nearer to the city center (some are in the center itself) which makes them a better option for those who would wish to wake up and start exploring right away. Apartments are also a good option for those who would like to experience the nightlife in Pula.

  • Smaller spaces (cca. 100 m2)
  • Classical architecture mostly
  • Rustic interior design
  • Affordability
  • Not as pet friendly as villas
  • Good for nightlife
  • Most apartments have pools

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