Visit Brač Island

The island of Brac is a beautiful Dalmatian island that has a lot to offer its visitors in any season, but because of the sea and beaches it is an attractive summer destination for tourists around the world.

You must visit the island of Brac because it is the largest Dalmatian island with many beautiful beaches, cultural and historical sights, excellent gastronomic offer and numerous sports and music events. Brac has something for every visitor and that is why it has been a summer destination for years.

Beaches on the island of Brac

island beach

The most famous beach on the island of Brač, and also in Croatia is the beach Zlatni Rat near Bol. Zlatni rat is ranked in the top 10 beaches in the world. This pebble beach is 630 meters long and because of its attractive appearance and pebble surface, it is a favorite place for swimming on the island.

 For lovers of sandy beaches, there is the beach Lovrečice in Postira. The sand surface stretches up to 100 m from the shore, which is perfect for enjoying various water games.

Borak beach near Bol, is ideal for enjoying various activities such as beach volleyball, jet skiing, surfing, sailing and various other activities. On Borak beach you can take a kite surfing or kite boarding  lesson at Žuti Mačak agency. 

The capital Supetar is surrounded by beautiful beaches and small bays that offer privacy and pure hedonism. Some of these beaches are Vela Luka, Bili Rat and Tri Mosta.

Activities on the island of Brac


Apart from the sea and the beach, Brač also offers many cultural and historical sights. Lovrečica Bay is known for the ruins of the Church of St. Lawrence from the 6th century BC. The next historic location is the Blaca Desert near Bol.

The Blaca Desert is a former monastery built by a Glagolitic priest in the 16th century fleeing Postira from the Turks. Today, the monastery is a museum where you can freely enter and see the written works of Glagolitics from the 16th century, as well as the entire interior of the building.

Brac is also known for Brac stone, which is known for its quality throughout the world. In the place called Pučišća, there is a stonemason's school with a long tradition, and it still lives today. Learned masters make souvenirs from stone and various other products. Visitors can come to Pučišća and buy a souvenir made of Brač stone. There are also several quarries on the island where industrial stone is extracted for further processing and construction.

Sports and excursions

In addition to cultural and historical sights on the island of Brač, you can find numerous sports activities both on the water and on land. Vidova gora (780m) is popular for hiking. Climbing Vidova gora, the view extends to the entire island and the landscape rich in olive groves and vineyards. The view from the top is something you should not miss. Vidova Gora was named after the church of St. Vid, which is located 100m before the peak.

You can also cycle or choose some of the water sports on the island. Also on the island of Brac you can go on one of the wine tours and visit local winemakers and olive growers. In the towns of Bol and Supetar you can book excursions by boat, speedboat or kayak and rent a scooter or car to easily tour the whole island.

city on the sea


Bol and Supetar are also the centers of nightlife on the island. You can start the evening in one of the local restaurants with traditional Dalmatian cuisine, followed by night clubs, outdoor concerts, street gigs and beach bars that provide entertainment throughout the night.

Famous restaurants are Mali Raj in Bol, Senković Winery in Dračevica, Konoba Vinoteka in Suppetar and many others, while famous nightclubs and bars Varadero, Aquarius, Bolero and Faces in Bol, and Havana, Paparazzo, Roso, Benji and Thriller Bar in Supetar.

Accommodation on the island of Brac

The island of Brac has many hotels and private accommodation. If you are traveling in a larger group, with family or friends and you want accommodation that is affordable and provides excellent privacy and entertainment for the whole team, it is best to choose an apartment or villa with pool on Brac.

Some of our favorite villas from our offer are Villa Tin, Holiday House Star and Villa Dino.

How to get to the island of Brac

The island of Brac can be reached by car, ferry from Makarska or Split, catamaran or plane. The Brač river port is the largest island airport in Dalmatia and can be reached by smaller planes from the nearby airports of Dubrovnik or Split.

The island of Brac will certainly not disappoint you as a summer destination. There is something for everyone here. The island of Brac is the sunniest area on the Adriatic and exceptional weather conditions are guaranteed. Clear and clean sea, beautiful beaches and small bays will delight you.

If you need accommodation or help in organizing a trip to the island of Brac, feel free to contact us.