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User interface for house owners

User interface for renters Eurotours Channel-Manager offers the use of a user interface for private renters. It allows direct access to your calendar, i.e. opening and closing the calendar in just a few steps from your computer or mobile device. Once we enable you to use the user interface, you will receive an email with login instructions.

Already have a UI?

If you have already created a user interface, you can access it via the link:

If you don't have a user interface yet, request it via

Key features of this interface

  • Renters can independently update the calendar and at the same time have insight into their own and agency reservations
  • The renter can see all information about his property, but not edit it
  • Access to the calendar 0-24 h

How to submit a request for user interface activation?

Send an e-mail to, where you can request the activation of the user interface for renters.

Who can activate the user interface for renters?

Travel agency that sells accommodation on behalf of the renter/owner of the accommodation.

Who is this interface for?

For private renters who cooperate with Euro Tours d.o.o.

How to activate the interface?

Follow the instructions you received by email.

Video - using the interface for renters