Apartments in Rovinj

Rovinj / Rovigno is a romantic town on the west coast of Istria that has been the most visited destination in Croatia for years. Rovinj is known for its narrow Roman streets, artists and music. Experience Rovinj and book one of our apartments.

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What to expect from Rovinj as a tourist destination?

Rovinj is a small tourist city on the western coast of the peninsula Istria in Croatia. This city is an absolute recorder at the number of tourist’s in Croatia, with over a 3 million nights in hotels, private accommodation and camping places, 3 years in a raw.

The city has grown the most in an era of the Venice Republic, from 12th to 18th century, as one of the grates harbors and trade centers of that time. In order to experience Rovinj’s history, it is best to visit:

Rovinj is most visited in summer, when the streets are full of artists and musicians and of course tourists. There are also numerous of events and other things to do like one-day excursions to nearby islands St. Ivan and St. Andrija, or wineries and olive growers. Many restaurants call you to try local sea and meet dishes.

A swimming season starts in May and ends in October. Beaches are either rocky or pebble and the sea is warm and clear. Most attractive bath locations are: Zlatni Rt, Mulini and Cuvi beach.

What to expect from Apartments in Rovinj?

At our website, you can find 150+ apartments in Rovinj. Most of them are located directly in the city center, but some of them are also located in the nearby villages like Bale, Rovinjsko Selo and Sošići.

  • Close to the city center,
  • Close to the beach,
  • Modern or Standard apartments,
  • Rates from €30 night per person,
  • Parking place secure,...

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