Holidays in Crikvenica, travel guide

Crikvenica has been a famous touristic city since 19th century and also the hearth of Kvarner Bay. Together with places Selce, Dramalj and Jadranovo, Crikvenica makes a bundle of 4 perfect touristic destinations, one of the most favorable in Croatia. Those 4 cities are so close together that they make the same riviera, called the Riviera of Crikvenica, which would be the coastline of Crikvenica.

Why should you visit Crikvenica?

Whichever city on the Riviera you choose, it is bingo. Firstly, Crikvenica is perfectly located. Either by plane or car, Crikvenica is easy to reach. Beaches are here just stunning, you can find pebble but also sandy beaches with a lot of activities. Despite its location and beaches, Crikvenica attracts its visitors with a rich offer of sports and cultural activities and events.

No matter how long you stay in Crikvenica, you will always find something to do in the area. Also, there are numerous of sea and land excursions around Crikvenica, which can be placed in a one-day trip. You will be amazed by the nature and landscape around Crikvenica. Finally, the gastronomic offer in Crikvenica is huge. Lots of good restaurants and bars in the most romantic locations you have ever seen.

Places to visit in Crikvenica

No matter if staying in Crikvenica for a week, or just passing by, it is reasonable to take a walk through the old city and take the look at the churches and other cultural buildings. St. Mary’s church from the 15th century is the oldest in the city and definitely worth visiting. The main church, St. Antun with its 35 m high tower, is also impressive. For deeper insight into the history of Crkvenica, you should visit the city museum and gallery.

There is also an aquarium in the city center of Crikvenica, which can be interesting if you want to see what kind of sea life to expect in Kvarner Bay. The Harbor in Crikvenica as well as the promenade are definitely must-see locations with many café bars and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy the sunny day in Crikvenica. Crikvenica Promenade is connected with small nearby cities Selce and Dramalj. To walk or bike all the way on the promenade and visit all 3 places can be a wonderful experience.

Beaches and other activities in Crikvenica

Sandy and pebble beaches can be found in Crikvenca and its surrounding. City beach Crikevnica is a blue flag beach, usually a little crowded, but with many additional activities such as bars, restaurants, sports, and kid animation. Podvorska beach is one of the best pet friendly beaches in the area with everything that you need for your pet.

Tepla beach is one of the favorable wild beaches, and it is absolutely worth visiting. Beach called Crni Molo is a famous sandy beach 1 km away from Crikvenica city center. It is perfect for kids as the water is shallow, and the sea bottom is also sandy, which makes perfect conditions for water games such as the famous local game called “Picigin”. There are a lot of other nice beaches in the area, definitely, you shod travel all along the Riviera and search for them.

One day excursions from Crikvenica

After exploring local beaches it is time for a day boat trip to nearby islands Krk and Rab where you have a lot to explore, but you will mostly be amazed by nature, beaches, and crystal clear sea. For a day trip on the land, you must take a walking tour up in the mountains behind the city of Crikvenica. Walking paths lead to the Badanj Castle, which is now in ruins, but it is something special to see as it was built between the 4th and 6th centuries. You may continue to walk to see the old stone bridge and waterfall.

Also, you should visit the Eyes of Vinodol where you can take a paragliding tour. Another must-see is Plitvice national park, which is less than an hour's drive from Crikvenica. Finally, if you are a sports enthusiast, be sure to check numerous bike trails in Crikvenica and Vinodol area. There is also plenty of other sports activities in Crikvenica, such as diving, paragliding, sailing, hiking, horseback riding,...

Where to stay in Crikvenica

Accommodation in Crikvenica should not be a problem as there are plenty of options. It can be hard to pick one of them. One should know which type of vacation he prefers. If it is a more crowded and party type of vacation, better to choose centrally located hotels or private apartments, which would be a cheaper option.

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