Holidays with a dog in Istria

Vacationing with a pet is an increasingly common form of vacation, and many cannot imagine their vacation without their dog, an equal member of the family. Istria as a tourist destination has been developed well in this direction and has a lot to offer to the pet owners who can not imagine their vacation without them.

Numerous camps, hotels, resorts, private apartments and holiday homes in Istria, have been classified in the "pet friendly" category to differentiate themselves from others and offer their guests an unforgettable holiday experience with their favorite pet.

family with a dog

Pet-friendly Beaches and Destinations

There are beaches that are allowed for pets everywhere on the Istrian Peninsula. Starting from the north, Umag has modern camps that have all the conditions for swimming with dogs. They are Camp Park, Finida, Pineta, Kanegra, Stella Maris and Savudrija. In Novigrad we can point out Aminess Maravea and Laguna camping resort and hotel that offer excellent beaches tailored to each pet.

 Lanterna camping in Tar offers excellent beaches for dogs as well as all additional facilities. Porec is a well-known destination that offers a variety of beaches. To find a suitable beach for dogs in Porec you have to go a little further from the city beaches to nearby places such as Cervar Porat.

Cervar has a lot of well-kept beaches that are suitable for swimming with dogs, and there is enough shade and space for walking. In Porec with a dog you can visit the beaches Brulo, Materada and Laguna Galijot, which are located closer to the city center. Poreč also offers many promenades and a training ground for dogs, while the Vet Center Poreč takes care of health and safety.

 Koversada, Polidor and Valkanela are beaches that belong to the town of Vrsar, near Porec. Vrsar is a famous summer destination that is also completely adapted for staying with pets.

 If you want to get away from the urban world with your pet, the town of Bale and the beaches of San Polo and Colone are great choices. These campsites in the wild are 100% pet friendly. Here, dogs can enjoy every beach, and there are plenty of shade and woods for walking.

 Rovinj is another hit destination as well as Poreč which also has something to offer to the dog owners. Veštar and Cisterna beaches are wild beaches where you will feel like on a deserted island, and you will be able to completely enjoy the company with your pet. Golden Rocks Beach and Lone Beach allow pets and are located closer to the city center.

 Some of the top pet-friendly destinations on the southern and eastern coast of Istria are Galebove stijene beach and Valovine beach in Pula. In Premantura there is a well-known place called Rt. Kamenjak, a real dog paradise that stretches over a large area in the south of the peninsula. In Rabac you can go to the well-known Girandella beach with your dog.

Pet friendly holiday houses and apartments in Istria

Pet owners usually choose private accommodation, holiday homes and apartments. The reason for this is privacy and flexibility, which makes a vacation with a pet perfect. Holiday homes are attractive because they offer a large garden that is completely fenced, so the dog is safe, and there is also a refreshment pool.

It is best to bring your own dog pool. Houses and apartments in the rural area of ​​Istria are surrounded by forests and promenades, so it is ideal for dogs. Most often, such facilities are only a few minutes drive to some of the above-mentioned pet-friendly beaches.

 We hope you prefer to take your pet with you on a vacation? If so, explore our offer of pet-friendly accommodations in Istria, but also on the entire Adriatic Coast, in Kvarner and Dalmatia.