Istrian truffle - underground Istrian treasure

The story of the truffle

Istrian truffle is a precious mushroom, and its most famous site is located in Central Istria, in the valley of the river Mirna. There are white truffles and several types of black truffles. White truffles are rarer and thus more expensive than black truffles. Truffles grow up to 30 cm underground and are found with the help of dogs that are trained to hunt truffles.

Truffle hunting

Truffles can be hunted all year round. Truffle hunting has become a real tourist attraction, and it is especially interesting for guests in spring or autumn, when truffle days are held. Some of the largest producers of truffle products such as Zigate, Karlić Tartufi and Prodan Tartufi organize a truffle hunt for visitors. The producers have a long family tradition and will teach you all the secrets of truffle hunting.

Truffle products

Due to the intense smell, truffles are used in a combination of various autochthonous Istrian products. In addition to fresh raw truffles, you can also find cheeses and cured meat products with truffles. The Zigante store also has olive oil and various spreads in combination with truffles. You can also find brandies, truffle sauces and canned truffles.

Truffle Dishes

Truffles are used in many Istrian restaurants as an integral part of specialties. For example, we have Istrian pasta (fuži, gnocchi, pljukanci) with truffle sauce, steak in truffle sauce. The combination of Istrian and Italian specialties is pizza with truffles, which you can try in most Istrian pizzerias. You can enjoy real gastronomic masterpieces with truffles at the Zigante Restaurant in Livade.

If you are looking for truffles, be sure to stop by Motovun, Buzet, Livade, Grožnjan, Vižinada, Buje or Novigrad. If you need accommodation in a villa with pool or apartment in the area or just looking for advice on what to visit, feel free to contact us.