Discover the Magic of the Island of Krk

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Nestled in the Adriatic Sea, Krk, known as the "Golden Island," boasts a rich tapestry of history stretching back millennia, establishing it as a pivotal cultural and historical landmark along the Croatian coast. Tracing its roots to the times of the Illyrians and Romans, Krk emerged as a crucial trading and administrative hub. The medieval era saw the dominance of the Frankopans, one of Croatia's most influential noble families, who left an indelible mark on the island through fortresses, churches, and cultural monuments.

The island's more recent history under Italian rule until the end of World War II, and its subsequent integration into Yugoslavia and then Croatia, add layers to its complex past. This rich history is mirrored in its vast cultural heritage, from ancient ruins and early Christian basilicas to medieval towns and Renaissance palaces, making Krk an unmissable destination for history enthusiasts. Beyond its historical allure, Krk offers a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and culture, ensuring every visit is a memorable one.

Natural and Cultural Attractions

Krk is home to several cultural and historical sites that captivate visitors. Among its most significant landmarks is the Baška Tablet, located in the Church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor. This early medieval monument of Croatian literacy signifies the island's rich history and culture. The Frankopan Castle, at the heart of the city of Krk, offers insights into the power and prestige of the Frankopan family, a key noble lineage in Croatian history. Their influence extends beyond Krk to various parts of Croatia, including Zadar, which also reflects the Frankopan legacy through its medieval structures and historical sites.

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Most Visited, Beautiful Beaches

Krk is renowned for its stunning beaches that attract sun-seekers and sea enthusiasts worldwide. Baška Beach, with its extensive pebble shoreline, is perfect for families and those wishing to bask in the crystal-clear sea and sunshine. Vela Beach in Malinska provides all the amenities needed for a perfect beach day.


Adventurers and nature lovers will find Krk an ideal destination for diving, with numerous dive centers offering excursions to mesmerizing underwater sites. The island is also a haven for hiking and cycling enthusiasts, with trails winding through forested hills and picturesque coves, revealing the island's incredible natural beauty.

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Krk's accessibility is one of its main advantages. Connected to the mainland by a bridge, it is easily reachable by car. Additionally, its own airport facilitates the arrival of international visitors, while various ferry lines link Krk with other islands and the coast, making it easy to explore the enchanting Kvarner Bay.

On the island, a wide range of accommodation options is available, from luxurious villas to cozy apartments, catering to everyone's taste and needs. Eurotours Villas offers a rich selection of accommodations, from private pools and sea-view terraces to comfortable spaces perfect for both work and relaxation.

Visit Krk and surrender to the charms of this golden isle, whether you seek a tranquil seaside retreat, nature adventures, or cultural exploration. Krk offers something for everyone. Plan your stay and discover why Krk remains one of the most beloved destinations in the Adriatic.