Holiday Destination Novigrad : a picturesque coastal town

Steeped in history and characterized by charming narrow streets, colorful facades, and medieval architecture, Novigrad is a gem for those seeking a blend of cultural richness and seaside tranquility.

Visit the City Walls:

Climb to the top of the city walls for panoramic views of Novigrad and the Adriatic Sea. The walls offer a glimpse into the town's defensive past and provide excellent photo opportunities.

Explore the Old Town: 

Wander through the narrow cobblestone streets of Novigrad's Old Town, surrounded by well-preserved medieval walls. Discover historic buildings, charming squares, and landmarks like the Church of St. Pelagius and St. Maximus.

Visit the Lapidarium Museum:

 Explore the Lapidarium Museum, located in the heart of the Old Town. The museum displays a collection of stone monuments and artifacts, offering insights into Novigrad's historical and archaeological heritage.

Daily Trips and Activities in Novigrad

Relax on the Beaches:

Enjoy the sun and sea on Novigrad's beaches. Many offer clean pebbly shores and crystal-clear waters, making them perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Karpinjan Beach and Sirena Beach are popular choices.

Experience Water Sports: 

Engage in water activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, or windsurfing. The calm waters of Novigrad provide an ideal setting for both beginners and experienced water sports enthusiasts. 

Bike along the Parenzana Trail: 

Novigrad is part of the Parenzana cycling trail, an old railway route turned into a scenic biking path. Rent a bike and explore the picturesque Istrian countryside and coastal landscapes


What to do in Novigrad ?

Explore Novigrad's historical heritage by touring the Lapidarium Museum, strolling along the City Walls for panoramic views, and meandering through the charming Old Town streets.

When is the Best Time to Visit Novigrad ?

Visit during the spring and fall when the weather is mild, and the region is less crowded, allowing for a more intimate experience.

What and Where to Eat in Novigrad ?

The town boasts a thriving culinary scene with numerous seafood restaurants, konobas (traditional Croatian taverns), and charming cafes lining its waterfront. Istrian cuisine, known for its truffles, olive oils, and fresh seafood, is expertly showcased in the local eateries, offering a true taste of the region's culinary heritage.

Where to Stay in Novigrad ?

Novigrad offers a variety of accommodation options catering to different preferences and budgets. Also the best option for a vacation with a  group of people would be a holiday home or a villa with pool in Novigrad.

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