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Poreč-Parenzo, Istria

Porec is a town located on the western coast of Istria. Due to its tidiness and cleanliness Porec was awared more than once. It is offen called the city of culture, tourism, sport and entertainment.

Poreč was a small seaside town which has devolped into an attractive tourist destination. It is know for its wide selection of accommodations, world-class events and activities that can satisfy every guest. 

It is a place with a long and turbulent history. More than two thousand years can be seen in the old town center which preserves many cultural and historical monuments. The most significant of these is the Euphrasian Basilica with its distinctive mosaics dating from the VI. century, which in the 1997 came under the protection of UNESCO. In the vicinity of Porec can be found numerous significat sites worh of visit: Brijuni National Park, cave Baredine, the Pazin cave, Lim Bay and one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Venice. 

Poreč also offers a variety of sports and entertainment. Numerous restaurants, night clubs, summer terraces, bars, discoteques and casinos will satisfy each guest. 
You can aswell enjoy in many sport activities, from beach volleyball, football, horse riding, cycling, water sports, to tennis, paintball, go-karting which can be found near to many beaches.

Discover why is Istria called "Terra Magica" and visit one of the jewels of the Istrian coast!

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