Pula - the ultimate guide to exploring Istrias capital!

Welcome to one of the most visited destinations in Istria, Pula! Situated near the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula, the city is both industrially important and historically charming. Big cranes loom over the massive shipyard, while ancient Roman ruins are scattered throughout the Old Town. Unlike some other historic towns in Croatia, Pula is a real working city and not only a tourist destination.

What to see


Did you know that the Arena in Pula is one of the most complete in the world? This wonderful monument dates to the first century and one of the main reasons why it has survived, is because medieval knights were still using it for their tournaments thousands of years after it was built. While walking around the city of Pula you will notice that there is a strong Roman influence in Pula’s history, evidenced by the above mentioned mostly intact Roman Colosseum that dominates the city’s center. The Arena is an assuming presence in Pula, one of the absolute best things to see in this town!

Arena in Pula


Just like in Roman times, Pula’s forum is the city’s main square. Whenever there is a big event in town, you can just assume that something will be happening on the city forum, just like in old Roman times when that was the center of gathering.

Arch of the Sergii

This triumphal arch is a slightly older Roman monument. It was erected to commemorate the powerful and mighty Sergii family’s participation in the pivotal Battle of Actium in France.
It dates to about 30 BC and considering the age and time when it was built, it is still in great shape! When the arch was built, many many years ago, it was a city gate that was leading up to the naval port.

Temple of Augustus

When you find yourself on the forum, the temple is something that you can not miss. This grand historical building is one more reminder of the strong Roman influence in this city. The temple was built during the reign of the mighty Augustus, which makes it more than 2,000 years old.
The reason why the temple is in such good shape is because it was converted into a church when the Romans adopted Christianity.


Set at the top hill in the middle of Pula, Kastel is a Venetian fortress from the 1600s.

You will notice, mainly from air and maps, that the strong looking walls are in a star shape, which was a groundbreaking design to repel artillery after the arrival of gunpowder. Kastel was created to be the Venetians’ main stronghold, defending the harbour of Pula, as well as the entire northern Adriatic Sea.

The Gate of Hercules

Although this landmark may seem modest, it’s one of the earliest pieces of Roman heritage still standing in Pula. The arch has an eroded carving of Hercules, but you can also make out the names of two contemporary Roman officials: Gaius Cassius Longinus and Lucius Calpurnius Piso.

Gates of Heraclues in Pula

Small Roman Theater

Complete your tour of Pula’s Roman sights at this small and hidden theater on the hillside. These evocative ruins are described as “small”, because Pula’s other, larger theater was located outside the city walls.

It’s a low-key attraction, hidden at first glance, that attracts fewer tourists but that is even better as that means fewer people in your holiday photos ;)

Where to eat

After all that walking and sightseeing, a refreshment and a nice meal is a must! We bring you a simple list of the best restaurants in Pula!

  1. Amfiteatar
  2. Boccaporta
  3. Sopravento
  4. Ribarska koliba
  5. Noy asian cuisine

If you want to just grab a quick bite and explore even more than some of these places are the ones you should visit!

  • Hook & Cook
  • Street food Two
  • Pizzeria Piccolo Porto
  • Piantina

Where to stay

Pula is a great place to make your base for exploring the rest of Istria. It is well connected and basically everything is within 30minutes to 1h. (even Italy and Slovenia). On our site you'll find a list of apartments and holiday homes in Pula at affordable prices! But just in case, here are a few of our favorite picks:

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