The best hiking trails in Istria

Aside from a beautiful coast, the peninsula of Istria offers breathtaking views on the inland as well. Starting from September on, hiking is one of our favorite activities to explore the beautiful nature that Istria has to offer. If you like an adventure, here is our selection of best hiking trails in Istria with great views: (ranked by difficulty)

Stjepan Houser Trail - easy

This is the easiest trail to follow in our top 3 trail picks! It is a 6.3 kilometer trail near Rakalj, Istria and is ideal for those who like walking close to the edge of the sea and enjoy their views. It makes a fun activity for the whole family as even the little ones can enjoy walking along this trail. The views do not disappoint as you can see  the bay of Raša and the islands Cres and Lošinj. The trail is dedicated and named after the world-famous cellist, who lived right here in Rakalj.

7 slapova - moderate

A slightly more difficult, and longer trail is the trail of the 7 waterfalls in Buzet. This is a 11.7 kilometer loop trail that starts and ends in Buzet, near the Beer factory. This trail passes through the playful riverbeds of the river Mirna and the river Draga, in which the water formed lakes, rapids and waterfalls.

Along the way, in addition to seven waterfalls, you will visit some abandoned Istrian villages, come across the shafts of old coal mines, Napoleon's Bridge and pass through Kotli, a restored old village that has become a popular picnic spot in recent years. There is also a restaurant in Kotli where you can take a break, eat something and have a drink before continuing.

Limski kanal loop - difficult

The most difficult trail from our best istrian hiking trails recommendation is the Limski Kanal Loop. It is a 36.4 kilometer loop trail located near Svetvinčenat, Istria where we have a great selection of villas.

This trail can be used for hiking but also for riding your bike as it is almost tarmac free! The route inclines up from the limski kanal is the most challenging part physically but the views are amazing! Its difficulty is not so high because of the ascent and terrain, but because of the length. It takes 8 hours of walking to cross this 36.4 km trail.