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Our Story

The Euro Tours story has been going on since 1991, when the first Euro Tours branch opened its doors as a small family agency. Through a long tradition and experience and successful cooperation with landlords and partners, Euro Tours in 30 years of operation has created a sales network with more than 2500 apartments and holiday homes throughout the Croatian coast.

How do we work?

Through our “Euro Tours Channel Manager” system, we are connected with the world's largest brands specializing in private rentals, such as, Airbnb, Atraveo, Casamundo, Vrbo, Expedia, Holidu, Hometogo, Belvilla,, and many others.

Why Us

By cooperating with us, your facility will be visible on all the most popular portals around the world. If we follow our golden rule: "Price = Quality", there is no doubt that your facility will be maximally filled and that you will use its potential.

Our advantages are:

  1. 30 years of experience
  2. 1500 satisfied landlords
  3. Excellent collaboration with the world's largest brands in the industry
  4. Professional team with customer support in 5 languages ​​(HR, EN, IT, DE, RU)
  5. Photographing and touring the facilities at no cost to renters
  6. State-of-the-art technological solutions (Euro Tours Channel Manager)
  7. Excellent occupancy
  8. High position on Google for houses and apartments in Croatia
  9. A flexible way of cooperation, we are not looking for an exclusive

You have a holiday house or apartment and want to rent it?

If you are planning to rent your house or apartment in Croatia, but do not know how and where to start, or you just need advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Especially, if you are a foreign resident, you might face many difficulties. For example; paperwork, getting a categorization of your house/apartment, tax issues, you need someone to take care of your house, you are not sure about local laws and practices. Euro Tours Team will be glad to help!

Contact us!

Feel free to contact us and find out more about how to cooperate. Our expert team will help you in the correct presentation of your facility on the global market.

+385 52 433 635

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Frequently Asked Questions for New Landlords


How to start collaborating with Euro Tours?

  • Contact Euro Tours via email or phone
  • Arrange a meeting with an agent
  • Send the necessary documentation
  • Sign the contract

What is the commission for Euro Tours agency?

Euro Tours does not work on a commission basis. Euro Tours negotiates net prices with landlords. Net prices are prices for accommodation owners that Euro Tours will pay the client. Euro Tours advises on net prices, but the client must accept or modify them as desired. Gross sales prices depend on portal costs, and the difference between guest prices and net prices ranges from 15 - 28%. It is important that the client will always be paid the agreed Net amount.

How much can I earn by renting through Euro Tours?

Earnings depend on many factors such as type, location, and equipment of the property. Download the free Excel Calculator used by our agents, enter the desired net price in the A season, and easily calculate the approximate annual earnings.

When will I receive payment from Euro Tours?

Euro Tours makes payments to clients during the guest's stay, usually within 48 hours of the guest's arrival. Payments are made to the client's current or checking account.

I need a letter of intent for my accommodation?

Regardless of whether you are a client or not, Euro Tours will prepare a customized letter of intent upon request.

Can I manage my own calendar?

Yes, Euro Tours allows clients to manage their calendar through their user interface.

How will I know if I have a reservation?

Euro Tours will notify you of the reservation, reservation change, or reservation cancellation via email and SMS. All reservations can be viewed in the landlord interface.

What if my accommodation remains empty?

If the client notices that a certain period is not filling up well, it is necessary to contact Euro Tours in a timely manner and adjust prices or offer discounts to fill the period.

What if Euro Tours cancels a reservation?

If Euro Tours cancels a reservation within 27 days before arrival, and that period is not rebooked, the client will receive compensation.

Do I need to sign a contract with Euro Tours?

Yes, a contract is signed, but it is highly flexible, meaning it can be terminated at any time without consequences for the client. The client can also advertise their accommodation themselves and use it for themselves or their regular guests.

Marketing of accommodation:

When will my accommodation be visible on portals?

Euro Tours will publish the accommodation immediately after signing the contract, and it will be available for booking within 24 hours after signing the contract.

Where will my accommodation be advertised?

Euro Tours will advertise the accommodation on its website and on all partner sales channels. You can see the list of partner channels on the "Partners" page. If the client wishes the property not to be advertised on a certain sales channel, this must be mentioned when signing the contract, and it will be respected.

Who pays for photographing the property?

Euro Tours fully covers the cost of professional photographs of the accommodation.


Do I need to ask guests for a deposit in case of damage?

If guests do not have an agreed insurance policy against damage and if you have previously agreed with Euro Tours to take a deposit from guests, then it is necessary to take a cash deposit from guests and provide them with a written confirmation for it.

What if Euro Tours guests cause damage to the accommodation?

In case guests cause damage to your apartment or holiday home, it is necessary to:

  • Take photos of the damaged item
  • Obtain and send Euro Tours a repair or replacement offer from a company registered for selling or repairing items
  • Euro Tours will claim damages from the insurance and will pay the client upon receipt of compensation
  • If the guest is not insured, Euro Tours will claim the amount of damage directly from the guest. In this case, it is important to resolve the dispute during the guest's stay.

Do guests mind personal belongings in the house/apartment?

Yes, they do mind. All personal belongings need to be removed.

How will guests find my accommodation?

Every Euro Tours guest will receive the exact address and geocoordinates of your accommodation as well as the contact number for check-in that you provided.

Where are Euro Tours guests from?

Euro Tours guests are mostly from German-speaking countries. However, there are also guests from Croatia, Slovenia, Benelux countries, Scandinavian countries, Hungary, Serbia, and Italy.

Do I need to prepare a welcome gift for guests?

Gifts are always a good way to welcome guests. However, we do not recommend any food products. We recommend leaving a bottle of wine and mineral water. The gift can also be given to guests upon departure. Guests will not expect a gift, and it will certainly have a positive impact on the overall impression and review.

Who welcomes the guests?

The Client / Accommodation Owner is responsible for organizing the reception of guests. The client will receive the guest's contact information, but the guest will also receive his contact information with instructions to announce himself an hour before arrival. If the property is located near Poreč, Check-in can be at the Euro Tours agency; otherwise, if the Owner is unable to organize the Check-in on the spot, it is necessary to set up a Keybox with a code containing the keys.

Who registers the guests?

Guest registration is a matter of agreement. Euro Tours offers a guest registration application that is free for all Euro Tours clients. Euro Tours can take responsibility for guest registration, but the Owner must always call and check with Euro Tours whether the registration process has been successfully completed.

Legal regulations:

Do I need categorization for renting?

Yes, you need to obtain a Categorization Decision issued by the competent County Office for the Economy, Tourism Department. You receive the categorization after your accommodation is ready for rent, but if you are considering collaboration with Euro Tours, it is advisable to contact us before obtaining categorization so that we can contact the competent Economy Office and possibly expedite and simplify the process.

Do I need to have a price list displayed in a holiday home, apartment?

If you work with a tourist agency such as Euro Tours that operates on the PPO (special cautionary procedure) principle and negotiate net prices with the agency, you do not need to have a price list displayed in the property. If you work with an agency that operates on the representation principle and negotiate gross sales prices with the agency, in that case, you need to have prices displayed in your accommodation.

Do I need to issue invoices to guests?

Every landlord, regardless of whether they pay a flat-rate rental tax or keep business records, is obliged to issue invoices and keep records of transactions in accordance with applicable regulations. If the landlord collaborates with Euro Tours, they do not have this obligation because Euro Tours handles all of this for them.

What and to whom do I need to pay as a private landlord?

You pay tourist tax, income tax, and tourist membership fee. You pay the tourist tax to the tourist board, income tax on rental income to the tax administration, and based on income tax, you also pay the tourist membership fee at the end of the season. The tax administration and the tourist board of your place will provide you with more detailed information. If you collaborate with Euro Tours, you need to request Euro Tours to send you the TZ2 form and a record of transactions and other documents needed to settle all obligations by January 15.

How much is the rental tax, and who pays it?

Private landlords, residents, and legal entities in the VAT system, as well as non-resident landlords of the Republic of Croatia, pay 11.5% VAT on the rental of tourist properties. Resident landlords of the Republic of Croatia, individuals who are not in the VAT system, pay an annual lump sum per bed.

How can non-residents of the Republic of Croatia rent tourist accommodation in Croatia?

Non-resident individuals who want to rent a house or apartment for vacation in Croatia must cooperate with a Croatian tourist agency such as Euro Tours, which will pay taxes on their behalf, or they must enter the VAT system and engage an accounting service to pay the rental tax of 11.5% of the net amount of the reservation for them.

Who is a resident and who is a non-resident of the Republic of Croatia?

A resident of the Republic of Croatia is an individual who has income and pays taxes to the Republic of Croatia. A non-resident is an individual who earns income and pays taxes outside the Republic of Croatia.