EuroTours ChannelManager - manage your facility and occupancy, all in one place!

What is EuroTours ChannelManager?

EuroTours ChannelManager is a tourist facility management software that allows your facility to be connected to all major sales portals in the world while managing it from one place.

EuroTours ChannelManager offers you:


  • All reservations in one place with a simple view of the calendar,
  • View and manage one or more properties,
  • Easy calendar update,
  • Connecting to numerous sales portals,
  • Automatic synchronization of prices, minimum stay and occupancy with all your reservation portals,
  • Online guest registration,
  • Simple and secure card payment system,
  • Own website,
  • And much more ..


Who is EuroTours ChannelManager for?

Private owners

EuroTours ChannelManager can be used by all private renters by cooperating with our agency and then they can independently manage their facility from one place. Euro Tours provides customer support to the client and represents the client on portals where he cannot advertise himself.


EuroTours ChannelManager is an ideal software solution for private hotels, travel agencies and other business entities engaged in tourist rental. EuroTorus ChannelManager will save a lot of time and work on managing tourist facilities, while increasing market visibility, bookings and earnings.

How much does EuroTours ChannelManager cost?

Euro Tours will charge 3% of each reservation for using the system, VAT included.

Contact us and arrange a free appointment for the presentation of EuroTours ChannelManager in our office or via online call.