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Instructions for Using the Host2Go Application for Property Owners

Host2Go Property Management Application by Euro Tours

Host2Go is a comprehensive software solution for managing rental accommodations through a user-friendly platform. This application enables property owners to conduct their business in a professional manner, including:

  • Fast guest document scanning
  • Reservation management
  • Calendar management

Host2Go simplifies daily operations and improves the efficiency of property management.

How to Start Using the Host2Go Application?

Step 1: Activation Request Send an activation request for the Host2Go application to euro-tours@euro-tours.net.

Step 2: Registration After receiving the activation email, follow the activation instructions at the link: Register a New Account – Host2Go.

Step 3: Download the Application After successful registration, download the application to your smartphone:

Step 4: Login and Start Using Log in to the application with your user credentials and begin using it.

Key Features of the Application

1. Fast Guest Document Scanning Allows quick and easy scanning of guest documents.

2. Reservation Management Easily manage all your reservations through a single platform.

3. Calendar Management View the availability and occupancy of your property and easily plan guest arrivals and departures.

Calendar Management with the Host2Go Application - Video Instructions Link to the video