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Order delicious meals in your own language with Mealmade!

Imagine this: you are a tourist visiting the area of Porec and you are getting hungry, but
don't feel like cooking or going to a restaurant. So what do you do? Then you order with
Mealmade of course!

Mealmade is an online food ordering platform, connecting visiting tourists to local
restaurants. Mealmade is a multilingual platform, which means every tourist can order in
their own language - easy, right?

Mealmade is partnering up with Eurotours to deliver the best food ordering experience to
all our guests. Especially challenging these Covid-19 times.

So if you are visiting Porec this season and you are in the mood for some good food, you
know where to go:!

Mealmade is a startup founded by 3 Dutch guys, all with different backgrounds, coming
from the fields of business, HRM and also mechanical engineering. They are starting
Mealmade this season in our beautiful coastal town of Porec, Istria.

We asked the founders of Mealmade how the idea for the platform came to life:

“Last year, in 2020, we were enjoying our holiday in Porec, for the second year in a row.
After having a couple of beers by the pool, we got very hungry. So we decided to order
some food online. Unfortunately, there was no service like this available in Porec. We
couldn’t find a website or app to order some food and the restaurants weren’t very findable
on the internet. So we decided to make this happen, for us and all the other tourists visiting
the beautiful country of Croatia.”

After enjoying some beautiful weeks on our coast and coming up with the idea of
Mealmade, the founders of the platform traveled back to Holland and started building the
platform immediately.

They are already planning to expand further throughout Croatia to deliver this service to
as many tourists visiting Croatia as possible, as well as throughout other countries if the
concept proves to be a good one.

We wanted to know what makes Mealmade different from other online platforms:

“As mentioned above, Mealmade is focused on tourists. We eliminate the language barrier
and make it as easy as possible for tourists. So they can order their favorite food in their
own language at local restaurants, when in a foreign environment. “

You are probably wondering how Mealmade works. It's pretty simple: With Mealmade you

  1. set the website in your own language,
  2. choose between all the participating restaurants,
  3. choose your favorite food.
  4. You confirm and pay the order, and then it's only a question
of waiting for your food to be delivered or pick it up at the restaurant.

Also, an important thing to mention for all those using the platform is the fact that on the app
you can toggle through all the food items and can check ingredients. Or you could add a
note for the restaurant to check for you. In case you have certain dietary restrictions or are
simply avoiding some ingredients, this will help you make a better choice.

Some of the restaurants in Porec area they work with are: restaurant La Riva, UMI street
food, restaurant Marina, restaurant Willy, Fast Food Johnny, and restaurant Mamma Mia.

Make sure to try out the Mealmade platform while staying in one of our wonderful
accommodations in Porec area!