Best beaches in Istria that have to be on your to do list

Best beaches in Istria

The whole coast of Croatia is well known for its beautiful beaches and crystal blue sea. Whichever part of the coast you choose for your vacation, you will not regret it.

Dalmatia has beautiful Islands, pebble and sand beaches, while Istria has breathtaking cliffs, coves, natural beaches and a sea so clean and blue, you will think you’re in the Carribean. 

Here are our top picks for really beautiful, natural beaches that are worth exploring! 


Driving into Istria from Rijeka, our first suggestion would be to visit Brsec. It’s a small but beautiful beach looking directly at the Island Cres. White pebbles and crystal clear sea, what is there more to ask for? This beach doesn’t offer any shade so we advise bringing a parasol if you are traveling with children.

Also there is no bar on the beach so please bring beverages to stay hydrated and safe! This beach is definitely our number one on the best beaches in Istria list… even though it does technically belong to Primorsko Goranska Županija.


Next on our Best beaches in Istria list is The Cape Kamenjak. It is a nature park which is located in the southernmost part of Istria.

The approximately 30 kilometers long rugged coast, uninhabited islets, spectacular cliffs, breathtaking beaches, as well as a cool Safari Bar, makes Kamenjak one of the top tourist attractions in Croatia. You can choose from 23 different beaches – each more beautiful than the other!

We advise you to plan a whole day trip and go beach hopping to explore all of the beautiful natural beaches, bays and caves. Take a moment to unwind from all the city hussle and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Safari Bar has to be on your list as a coffee/drink stop! Some say, the Safari Bar swing can compare to the one at Bali .. it’s worth checking outright?

sea and rocks

The Seagull rocks 

The Seagull rocks, or as the locals would say - Galebove stijene, are as the name implies, a rocky beach that is extremely popular with young people. It offers the perfect natural jumping place for the wildest jumps into the clear blue sea.

There is a cave of the same name under the rocks, and the neighboring beaches offer warm pebbles for relaxation throughout the day. The bay of Seagull Rocks overlooks the south and gives hours of sunshine, and there are restaurants and shops nearby for a carefree all-day stay by the sea.

Punta Corrente

If you are in the area near Rovinj, you simply must visit this place! This small nature park is full of beautiful botanical species that provide shade for the most beautiful beaches. Literally, there is every beach type you can imagine; dog beach, sand beach, pebble beach, rock/cliff beach.

The park is also filled with greenery and shade so it’s perfect for families and little children. It is also a nice spot to just walk around as the park spreads across 222 acres. 

sandy beach