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Bale-Valle Outdoor Festival

From 10th to 12th July you will have the chance of choosing the sport in which you feel more accomplished or perhaps you could choose one of the sports that you have never tried before. Each one of them starts and finishes in Bale, and lasts for three days when you will be able to choose between running, mountain biking or an adventure race.

On the first day you will be refreshed by a 10 kilometre long evening running race with a magical sunset as its backdrop. An adventurous race, the Infinitus Adventure Race, is scheduled for the second day that consists of three categories and is suitable for all ages and levels of preparation.
The youngest competitors will discover their adventurous spirit in the Limač category, and the Light category has been scheduled for the more expert participants. The most experienced ones will compete in the longest category, Ultra.

The adventure racing teams consists of two members and the race is of a multidisciplinary type, so that competitors, with the help of orientation and by means of a number of different sports, can get acquainted with the beauty of Bale and its surrounding areas.
A mountain bike marathon will take place on the last day in which you will be able to show all of your prowess and skill on two wheels over a 50 km long trail. There are no extreme down or uphill slopes so as well as mountain bikers, this marathon can also be challenged by less prepared mountain biking enthusiasts.

Prepare for the most active weekend of the year, and bring all of your sporting skills with you to Bale.

Date: 10.07.2020 - 12.07.2020

Organiser: Trickeri
Event type: --

Info: Trickeri
Jurja Dobrile 6, Pazin