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Sweet Wine and Walk

This April, get ready for another unforgettable recreational wine event in Istria. We hereby invite you to Momjan, the home of Momjan Muscat wine, for the Sweet Wine & Walk on 11 April 2020. A motivating 7km walk awaits you with four refreshment stops with a selection of wines by four famous Istrian wineries and delicious authentic Istrian delicacies, along with plenty of good music and dancing.

Start of the walk by the Sinković family cellar in Sveti Mauro near Momjan
7km hiking route with four refreshment stops
Sinković family wine cellar
Kabola winery
Kozlović winery
Prelac winery
Mediaeval music near the Momjan fortress
Silvia Cindrić art gallery
Honey tasting room at Valenta family farm
Party at the last stop, near Sinković cellar

The wine walk will begin in the village of Sveti Mauro near Momjan. There, you will receive a bag with your tasting card, tasting glass, water and a map of the trail.

During the walk, you will stop at four famous local wineries to taste their Momjan Muškat or other great wines paired with young cheese, walnuts and honey, a traditional Istrian platter, pljukanci pasta with herbs from Vale, and a traditional Istrian cake.

On this fun hike, you will also enjoy the sounds of Mediaeval music near the old fortress in Momjan, as well as works of art at the gallery of local artist Silvia Cindrić.

For the perfect end to this exciting event, a party with live music will await you at the last stop.

Date: 11.04.2020 - 11.04.2020

Organiser: TZ Buje
Event type: --

Info: TZ Buje
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