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8th Open European Clubs Championships Poreč Croatia 2020

Join us for one of the biggest Taekwondo competitions to date being held in Croatia for the first time, in the Olympic year. Twenty years ago, Poreč hosted the World Taekwondo qualifiers for the Olympic games, and the 8th Open European Clubs Championships will once again bring the best athletes who will be looking for the best position in the Olympics draft. We are sure that the city of Poreč and Croatia will be amazing hosts, ensuring competitive atmosphere for the participants and guests convening on this city of sports, tourism, rich cultural and culinary heritage, and the gem of the Adriatic!

European Championships are always exceptional events as the taekwondo family comes together from around the world to share in the love of the sport and positive energy. Poreč shall play host to athletes of all age groups trying to qualify directly for European Championships, earning new points in the WT and European ranking lists. We are especially proud that for the first time at the European Championships we will be joined by the para-athletes. We will also host WTE referee and coaches seminars. 

We look forward to top and thrilling matches, fair-play, companionship and sports results!

Date: 03.04.2020 - 07.04.2020

Organiser: Taekwondo club Karlovac & Taekwondo club Jastreb
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Info: Taekwondo club Karlovac & Taekwondo club Jastreb